Trump Admitted Off The Record He Didn’t Want To Do Immigration Speech, Blamed Kellyanne And Sarah Sanders For Making Him

The Trump administration has never looked worse.

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President Donald Trump made an extremely pathetic prime time speech last night from the Oval Office, literally forcing Americans to watch him tell lies about immigrants and his border wall. The speech predictably flopped, so the president is (as usual) blaming it on other people.

Apparently, Trump told television news anchors that he hadn’t really wanted to give the speech — it was his advisors that had made him go on television and talk about border security and his upcoming visit to the border.

Trump made these statements in an off-the-record lunch yesterday, and stated that he hadn’t wanted to visit the southern border, either — his advisors were making him, according to two sources who spoke to the New York Times. One source, who was in the room when Trump said he doubted his speech or visit to the border would be effective, recalled the president saying this:


It’s not going to change a damn thing, but I’m still doing it.”

Trump also acknowledged that the border visit was just a photo opportunity, saying “But these people behind you say it’s worth it.” When he made those statements, he gestured to communications aides Bill Shine, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kellyanne Conway.

Whether or not it’s really his advisors that are making him do this or Trump is just trying to cover his ass in case he gets humiliated (which he did), we all know that Trump has a very limited history of actually listening to his advisors and taking their advice. Either way, this truly makes the people working in the White House look more incompetent and dysfunctional than ever before, as the Trump administration is just full of terrible ideas across the board. Trump’s visit to the border tomorrow is going to be a disaster and disgrace, just like his little primetime speech.

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