Taxpayers Outraged After Trump Tells Sarah Sanders Not To Do Her Job Even Though Americans Pay Her Salary

Why does SHE get to screw off during the shutdown?

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On Tuesday, President Trump, during an extended tweeting spree that lasted (at the time of this writing) eleven tweets long, dropped one right in the middle that had a lot of Americans furious, and it was about his Press Secretary — who we all thought was moving on at the end of last year, but seems to be having a hard time getting a job outside the White House after having lied for Trump daily for two years.

As of today, it’s been more than a month since Sanders gave a press briefing, preferring instead to give 10- and 15-second answers to reporters’ shouted questions in the White House driveway. It’s either impromptu Q&A sessions like that or friendly interviews on Fox News, and other than that, Sanders has been largely unseen and unheard.

Trump gave a bizarre explanation:


There is so much wrong with this tweet — the strange use of quotation marks, the fact that the word “hence” should never be used by anyone except in historical movies — that it would be easy to miss what’s glaringly wrong with the statement itself: He just admitted that we’re paying her a salary to not do her job.

Has Sarah missed a paycheck due to Trump’s lengthy government shutdown? Not so far. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are worried about buying food, let alone making their cell phone bills and rent, but Sarah gets directed by the President not to “bother” showing up to her job.

It didn’t go over well:

We wish she would just get officially furloughed so we didn’t have to worry about when she might be back.

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