Source Reveals Real Reason For Trump Confrontation With Acosta After WH Aides Are Quoted Saying “This Is Going To Be Fun”

If you thought there was something suspicious about that press briefing, you're not alone.

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If you watched the Wednesday press briefing that everyone’s been talking about where Donald Trump attacked not just April Ryan, but also Jim Acosta — in an exchange that resulted in the revocation of Acosta’s White House press credentials — you know that something just seemed off about the whole affair.

Now we have confirmation that the Trump administration actually planned the whole thing.

If it looked a little convenient that the intern was so ready to come try to snatch away the microphone from the seasoned CNN reporter, it could be because she was on the edge of her seat, waiting for a sign for her to set their plan in motion.

It was already strange that Trump went to CNN and NBC first in the presser — he knew one of them would set him off. But when he started trying to shut down Acosta, he gave a signal to his aide, who came in for the grab. In the footage, you can see her give up at first, and crouch down out of the eye line of the cameras, where you can see her turn her head and smile at someone.

But it wasn’t until we saw this that we knew something was up:

“This is going to be fun.” Um, WHAT is going to be fun?

And to be honest, I might even have been suspicious that this was a bit of a stretch — after all, it’s not like the White House could predict that the physical exchange that led to their revocation of Acosta’s “hard pass” for briefings would result in something they could so effectively lie about.

Then I saw the pictures of Sarah Sanders, Jared Kushner, and assorted White House staff smiling in anticipation while Trump was facing down his CNN nemesis:

This whole thing was a stunt designed to distract from the fact that Trump just fired his Attorney General and installed one who is likely to end the Mueller investigation — a development that was happening, not coincidentally, right around the time of this press briefing.

Featured image via screen capture

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