Social Media Users Question Trump’s Sanity After He Tweets New Video Meme About Alabama: “Dude Has Lost His F*cking Mind”

This is grade-A crazy.

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There’s not a whole lot you can rely on in this world anymore after an egomaniacal, washed-up reality TV “star” managed to weasel his way into the presidency via a base full of bigots and more than a little help from Vladimir Putin.

It oftentimes leaves us clinging to the little things, no matter how grisly and unhealthy for our mental well-being they may be. And if there’s been anything you can count on over these last few odd days it’s actually two things — one, Donald Trump is bat shit crazy. Certifiably more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal. And secondly, he is positively, completely, and irrevocably fucking obsessed with Alabama.

He kicked things off five days ago with a tweet in which he cited outdated information claiming that the state of Alabama could expect to feel the effects of Hurricane Dorian as it made its way to our southeastern coast. And while the first model did show that Alabama could be in the storm’s crosshairs, Trump was two days late by the time he proclaimed it.


But instead of simply saying “Oops. My bad,” and moving on with his pathetic life, the man has since doubled, tripled, and bazillion-ed down on the same false claim — even making the same claim in a FEMA meeting, to the point that the National Weather Service has no choice but to publicly dispute his claim as to prevent widespread panic in a completely unprepared state.

Seriously, his Twitter feed has been nothing but how he was right about Alabama for days now. It’s all he can talk about. This dead horse has been beaten to an absolute pulp at this point. He’s been proven wrong from literally every angle possible. And yet… He’s still going.

This evening, Trump sent out possibly the most immature, ridiculous, and desperate tweet regarding this Alabama debacle yet — and perhaps even the worst ever, period.

In the video meme, Trump is seen making a smug face before cutting to footage of CNN’s first weather report where they predicted an impact in Alabama. As soon as the anchor says the same name, the video is edited to make him repeat “Alabama” over and over and over again before cutting to yet another smug Trump face, followed by a depiction of a car crash, featuring CNN’s logo over the vehicle, ending in flames.

Disgusting is an understatement, and Twitter users had a whole lot to say in response:

What’s it going to take to impeach this fat fuck?

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