Sean Hannity Flips On Fox News And Trump, Warns Republicans Will Lose In Midterms

The truth is hard to ignore — even for GOP hosts like Sean Hannity.

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Fox News host Sean Hannity has gotten so close to Donald Trump that the president actually calls him on a nightly basis, before he goes to bed. It’s also been reported that Trump uses Hannity as more of an advisor than the people he actually appointed to do the job. That’s why what Hannity did last night on his show was extremely risky, and may alter his relationship with the president for good.

Fox News hosts have been stepping out of their comfort zones as of late. Over the last few months, we’ve seen an increase in Fox personalities actually admitting the president’s flaws, fact-checking him, and criticizing him. Hannity became the latest Fox host to step outside his GOP bubble and acknowledge the truth about what is happening in America. Last night, Hannity gave a harsh warning to his viewers, telling them that Republicans were in big trouble in the midterm elections.

Hannity sent this warning during a segment about the Peter Strzok–Lisa Page texts, and he said:


Republicans, to be very blunt because I only tell you the truth, they’re in real danger of losing the House of Representatives. And the Senate? I’m not that comfortable about that either.”

Hannity then identified several congressional districts that may be in trouble, begging Americans to vote. He said:

If that is your district, you will likely decide the fate of this country in 56 days. Democrats win these races, the Trump agenda will be stopped. It’ll halt right in its tracks.”

Hannity also surprised everyone when he seemed to deliver a direct critique of Trump as he went off on the “aggressive threatening rhetoric” the president has ignited in the country, warning that someone may get “hurt or killed.”

This was enough to stun any loyal Fox fan, but it’ll really rub the president the wrong way. Trump, who continues to try and convince everyone that he and the GOP are “winning,” has just been exposed by his own BFF. You can watch Hannity turn on Republicans below:

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