School Classroom Stunned After Trump Proves He Doesn’t Know Anything About The American Flag

Okay, this is just embarrassing.

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As part of our series revisiting the strangest behavior President Trump has displayed during his time in office, we decided to take another look at some things that Trump should be able to do easily, but somehow is not.

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump were seen late last year visiting children at a hospital in Ohio, as part of an effort to spotlight the role that opioids have on American families. This is a valid position; opioids have been wreaking havoc, especially in suburban areas. It’s a compound issue with the many moving parts, with painkillers leading the way to addiction.

It was also a valuable photo op for the president, especially after experiencing a horrendous week. In seven days leading up to his visit, we’d seen Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen become a felon overnight. Then his former chairman, Paul Manafort, was facing a second trial in about three weeks.


Unfortunately, there was a bit of a gaffe from Trump’s part. The president sat down with a couple of kids to enjoy some arts and crafts, with one of your activities involving coloring in the American flag with some markers. Unfortunately, it seems that Trump wasn’t fully aware of the colors of the American flag, or the sequence of its color scheme. A photo posted on Twitter appears to show Trump coloring in a blue stripe on the American flag.

The initial picture was taken from Alex Azar, Trump’s Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Then a Twitter user posted another photo that appears to show Trump holding a blue marker to the paper.

The photo caused a firestorm on Twitter, with many confused as to how such a hardened man who harps about nationalism couldn’t get the colors right on the American flag. Trump is a man that has routinely criticized and attacked NFL players for their supposed lack of respect for the American flag, yet he isn’t able to color in an American flag. Some joked thatTrump got confused and was trying to color in the Russian flag.

Featured image via screen capture

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