Sarah Sanders Spirals Out Of Control During Press Interviews, Stress Of Lying Getting To Her

I almost feel bad for her. ALMOST.

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Tuesday morning has not been kind to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It’s already a rare day in which she appears on camera without later having her statements thoroughly dissected and debunked, but today was clearly a stressful day for her as she “answered” questions in multiple settings, only sounding more shrill and desperate as the day wore on.

On the White House lawn, Sanders fielded questions from reporters — and her answers weren’t simply the same nonsense she always spews about “we’ve already answered that,” or the oft-used “look, I’m not gonna get into a lot of details.” She actually started parroting stuff that’s been debunked for ages — so long that the rest of the administration had already stopped using that material and moved on to the next lies.

It could be that she’s simply out of practice giving a press briefing — it’s been two months since she held an official one, the longest time between them in White House history. But when she was confronted with questions about Trump’s terrible internal polling and about one of his main opponents, Joe Biden, she seemed to dodge at first, then pivot to a bizarre lie that’s long since been retired by everyone else.


Asked about the news that Biden planned to call Trump an “existential threat” to America in his own news conference later today, Sanders said that Biden was “part of the administration that allowed Russia to interfere in our election,” a reference to the advance knowledge of Russia’s cyber attacks during the Obama administration. But it was Mitch McConnell who prevented anything from being done — a fact that has been established for months now.

When Sanders wrapped it up with the White House Press Corps, she turned to a group of allies over at Fox and Friends, but the change of environment didn’t seem to help her mental state. That could be explained by Trump’s inexplicable decision to actually compare himself to Richard Nixon yesterday in a response to a reporter, a link that the White House has been desperate to keep the public from making in their heads.

That was not helped by the testimony from former White House Counsel under Nixon, John Dean, whose appearance at a House hearing yesterday very obviously rattled the President and his team. Trump himself was furious enough about it to tweet multiple times about Dean’s appearance, and it seemed to be the first thing on Sanders’ mind on Fox this morning:

The fact is, Sarah doesn’t know which end is up anymore. She gets zero sympathy from me, don’t get me wrong. But watching her unravel under the weight of this administration’s mountain of lies is more than a little sad.

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