Sarah Sanders Just Mocked Jim Acosta In Front Of The World And It Instantly Backfired On Her

She's not very good at this.

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Nobody is quite sure why Sarah Huckabee Sanders is still around as Press Secretary. Her role was looking to wrap up at the end of last year, but for now it looks like she’s not going anywhere. That’s unfortunate for her, because it also looks like she’s not getting any better at the job.

As her boss was touring McAllen, Texas yesterday, White House nemesis Jim Acosta was doing the same. And much like when he trolled the President by traveling to Paris during his “banishment” from the White House Press Corps, Acosta was up to some pretty terrific field reporting.

After Jim tweeted a video of himself at a stretch of the border that was partially walled and partially open, his commentary was essentially that residents of the area felt safe, and that therefore there really wasn’t enough happening to call it a “crisis” at the border, which Trump has been doing since his primetime speech the other night.


Even before Trump tried to clap back at Acosta, Sarah Sanders tweeted her own response to the CNN reporter’s tweet, and she did her best to try and make Acosta look foolish.

But that’s not really how things ended up working out.

Unfortunately for Sarah, Acosta had plenty more to say, and he took a jab at her that cut much deeper than her attempt at sarcasm:

He’s referring, of course, to when Sarah tweeted a video that had been altered by an alt-right provocateur of the exchange that led the White House to try and ban Acosta from press briefings, and ultimately to a lost battle in court over it, where Acosta emerged victorious and made the administration look even more petty than they already had before.

This is turning into a pattern. Maybe Sarah Sanders should pick a fight she can win.

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