Sarah Sanders Holds First Press Briefing In Over A Month, Refuses To Answer Reporter’s Questions About Trump

Sanders won't be doing this again anytime soon.

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White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders hadn’t held a press briefing in about 42 days, and today was her first day back. Clearly, the time away didn’t do her any good because Sanders was just as useless as ever when it came to providing the free press with answers.

During the briefing, ABC News’ Jonathan Karl asked Sanders a very direct question which was “Does the president really believe Democrats hate Jews?”

Sanders was asked this question several times during the briefing and failed the answer every time. Trump had been blasting Democrats after the House passed a resolution to condemn hate that was accused of being a watered down version from its purpose to condemn anti-Semitism following Congresswoman Ilhan Omar‘s comments. Trump had told donors on Friday night “The Democrats hate Jewish people.” It was an interesting remark to hear from a president who has shared several anti-Semitic tweets over his presidency.


In the briefing, Sanders had also blasted the Democrats, stating that it was “frankly abhorrent” that the resolution was watered down but refused to provide a real answer to any reporter asking about Trump. NBC News’ Hallie Jackson had also asked this question, “Yes or no, does the president truly believe that Democrats hate Jews?”

Sanders continued to blast Democrats but couldn’t get away from the question. She was pressed again and finally gave this very disappointing response:

That’s a question you really ought to ask the Democrats.”

You can watch this horrific moment below:

During this briefing, Sanders also got into a tense back and forth with CNN’s Jim Acosta. It seems as though Sanders will soon be ready to take another long break from her job.

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