Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wins “Real-Life Hero” Award, Trump Will Lose His Mind

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, is a badass woman if ever there were one. And we all know that there’s nothing Donald Trump hates more than someone that’s better than him in every way, especially if that someone happens to be a woman. That’s why we’re all sharing in a collective, rejoiceful giggle today — because Ruth won the Best Real Life Hero Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards last night and Trump didn’t. Cue the Twitter tantrum now.

Ginsberg nabbed the award for the 2018 CNN Films documentary, “RBG” which was all about her life. And after seeing that movie, it seems that MTV could think of no better or more deserving real-life superhero in the world.

Ruth beat out some pretty steep competition in the category, too — including rock climber Alex Honnold, comedian Hannah Gadsby, wrestler Roman Reigns and even tennis superstar Serena Williams.


The “RGB” film detailing the life of the second woman on the high court received some pretty stellar nominations in other categories, including best fight, as well. But “Captain Marvel vs. Minn-Erva” snatched that one.

The 86-year-old Supreme Court justice didn’t attend the award ceremony that took place in Santa Monica, California.

Of course, we’re all just waiting for Donald Trump to have himself a huge ole hissy fit across Twitter and various other speaking engagements about how he’s treated so badly and unfairly because someone won something when he didn’t. Frankly, the man downright can’t stand it if anyone but him is recognized for a damn thing — especially someone that has called him out on his bullshit as Ginsberg has certainly done a time or two.

We’re sure he’ll be pouting from the Oval Office for the next few days as he gorges himself on cheeseburgers and lets social media know that he’s big mad.

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