Rumors Fly About Anxiety-Ridden Trump Attempting To Intervene In Mueller Report

He must be hiding something!

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Donald Trump is absolutely terrified that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report is about to be released by the Justice Department – and CNN’s Jim Acosta pointed out exactly how we can be sure the president is nervous as hell.

We all know that when something big is about to happen to Trump, he acts up or does something nuts to take the heat off of himself. Most recently, Trump has been pushing a new proposal to detain migrants before immigration hearings – a behavior that Acosta stated was peculiar considering that this is what Trump is choosing to focus on just a day before the report is set to drop. This, combined with Acosta connecting it to Trump’s suggestion that he might hold a press conference tomorrow after Attorney General William Barr’s, looks like Trump is getting nervous. Acosta said:

Getting back to the president possibly talking to reporters tomorrow, it does raise the question why the White House, why the president was in such a celebratory mood when the Barr letter came out, summing up the Mueller findings. The other question, of course, obviously, is why the president feels the need to try to reshape the news cycle if he has nothing to worry about.

Certainly goes to this narrative that we’ve heard over the last several days that anxiety levels are going up over here at the White House, and among those officials, those former officials who spoke with the Mueller team.”

You can watch the video below:


This is classic Trump behavior – he tries to deflect whenever things start looking really bad for him. With the report releasing tomorrow, the president will probably be in terrible shape on and off Twitter over the next 24 hours. America has waited a long time for this moment – and Trump knows it.

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