Prince Harry and Prince William Rejected Trump’s Wishes For A Photo-Op, POTUS Can’t Be Very Happy

Boy, is he going to be mad!

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While the members of the royal family really have no other option than to meet and greet with president Donald Trump while he’s in the UK for a state visit, they certainly aren’t under any obligation to like it. Considering all of the horrible things that Trump has done to the family, including a resurfaced interview were Donald claimed he could have “nailed” Princess Diana and a more recent interview where he called Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, “nasty,” it’s definitely more than understandable that they don’t want to be around the disgusting pig a moment longer than they have to, or indulge him in anything more than the bare minimum.

And the bare minimum is precisely what they’re doing, ultimately depriving the egotistical asshat of the one thing he longed for most during his visit: A photo op with the most popular young royals for his 2020 presidential campaign.

Prince Harry has made it more than apparent that he is not pleased with Trump’s presence. He made an appearance at the scheduled private luncheon with the Trump family and the royal family but had a face set in stone when he was pictured shortly after while heading into an exhibit of American artifacts from the Royal Collection — and even took his leave quite quickly when he realized that the walkthrough was being filmed, despite being Ivanka’s escort.


Prince Harry isn’t the only young royal to snub Trump either, as William and Kate have been sure to avoid any one-on-one camera time with POTUS, regardless of their responsibility to do so. Both of the young royals were noticeably seated several spots away from Trump at the state banquet last night, as to avoid any opportunity for a photo op, leaving Donald no opportunity to mooch off of their popularity. And while Prince Harry wasn’t on the schedule to attend the banquet, his absence certainly did not go unmarked.

In addition to the royals’ snubs at the banquet and the American artifact walkthrough, Prince William was also noticeably absent when Trump visited Westminster Abbey on Monday to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.

While the younger members of the royal family are partaking in their obligations, it is strikingly clear that they have no intentions whatsoever of allowing Trump to use their fame and popularity to garner another four years of terror in America.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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