Paul Ryan Laughs Hysterically At Trump-Hitler Joke In Front Of Audience: “It’s funny because it’s true”

This bit of footage should honestly end Paul Ryan's career.

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Consider all of the disturbing things president Donald Trump has done over the course of his presidency, one of the most inappropriate things that a top Republican could do would be to laugh about it in front of suffering Americans. And yet, spineless Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had a great big chuckle in front of an audience at the American Enterprise Institute today.

As Ryan spoke to the National Review’s Jonah Goldberg, he laughed hysterically at a joke Goldberg made which compared Trump to Hitler — and stated that Hitler was actually a better man. It was a joke that no respectable member of Congress should have taken lightly, yet Ryan laughed for an unnatural amount of time over the whole thing. Goldberg said:

I warned you that there was an elephant in the room that we couldn’t avoid talking about. My own personal view is that President Trump is not the cause of all of our problems, but there are a lot of aspects of his presidency that are symptoms of a lot of our problems.

As I keep trying to tell people on the resistance sort of left, Donald Trump is not Hitler. Hitler could’ve repealed Obamacare.”

Ryan let out a weird high-pitched guffaw and continued to laugh for several seconds even after the audience had had enough of it. Throughout his fit of laughter, Ryan managed to say, “That’s really good.”


Goldberg reminded him that there was actually some truth to the joke, and that this was a pretty serious matter. Goldberg said:

It’s funny ’cause it’s true. You can look it up.”

Ryan just continued to giggle. You can watch footage of this below:

This behavior by Ryan is a disgrace. While he’s earned the reputation of not having a backbone, his laughter in this case shows that the GOP does not care about serious issues and will even laugh at its own failures and the f*ck ups of its president. This bit of footage should honestly end Paul Ryan’s career.

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