New Report Exposes Meltdown By Trump’s Staff: POTUS “Hated By Everyone In The White House”

Bad news for Trump!

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Donald Trump’s administration has never looked more dysfunctional. While it was apparent from the start that the president managed to hire people who were just as dishonest and incapable as he is, what’s actually happening in the White House is insane.

Vanity Fair has recently reported that White House staffers are absolutely miserable and desperately looking to escape what has got to be the worst job they’ve ever had. One former White House official said:

Trump is hated by everyone inside the White House.”

Vanity Fair wrote:


His shambolic management style, paranoia, and pattern of blaming staff for problems of his own making have left senior White House officials burned out and resentful.

According to an interview with ten of Trump’s former White House officials, it is completely obvious that everyone is tired of the president’s bullying and finger point – including Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney. A former official said:

It’s total misery. People feel trapped. Trump always needs someone to blame.”

Vanity Fair also wrote:

White House Communications Director Bill Shine has told friends he’s angry that Trump has singled him out for the bad press during the government shutdown. Bill is like, ‘you’re the guy who steps on the message more than anyone,’ said a Republican who’s spoken with Shine recently. Economic adviser Larry Kudlow has told people he’s probably got six months left. ‘Larry’s really tired of it all,’ a source close to Kudlow said.”

Administration members are also irritated that Trump is turning his administration into a “family business”, giving son-in-law Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump more responsibility than ever. One ex-official said:

This is a family affair, and if you’re not in the family, you’ve got problems.”

Mulvaney’s own friend told Vanity Fair that he wanted to leave:

Mick is not entirely thrilled with the family.”

Looks like the Trump administration is about to have yet another exodus.

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