Mitch McConnell Just Blocked Senate Vote To Release Full Mueller Report, Doesn’t Want Americans To Know The Truth

Trump and his cronies DO NOT want the Mueller report exposed!

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Since the very beginning of the 2-year long Mueller probe, the American public has been impatiently waiting for its release. And while Mueller has officially completed his investigation, we are still left disappointed and with a multitude of unanswered questions.

After the conclusion of Mueller’s investigation, the Special Counsel sent the report to Attorney General Bill Barr, who released a measly 4-page “summary” of the finding over the weekend — a summary that most are calling extremely influenced by partisan sentiment, considering the ties that the Barr family has and continues to have to POTUS.

Since then, Americans have been rallying with hashtags and petitions, urging for the report to be released in its entirety to not only members of Congress but to the general public, as well. Trump and his family, as well as members of his administration, have made cryptic remarks about the report’s release, but no one has yet to produce anything. If Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has anything to do with it, the contents of that report are never going to see the light of day.


As of this afternoon, McConnell has blocked a non-binding resolution to make the full report of the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Mueller public. Of course, the resolution was passed unanimously and without question in the House. But once it made its way to McConnell’s side of the fence, it was quickly shot down — with the Senator citing national security as his reasoning behind the decision and asserted that Attorney General Barr should be given adequate time to decide what parts, if any, of the report, should be made public.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who was responsible for putting forth the resolution for transparency, pointed out that the resolution did not even specify a time frame, and thus would not be limiting Barr’s ability to consider it extensively.

Honestly, this comes as no surprise. Trump has been running his mouth all over social media and to reporters about his supposed “exoneration” but lo and behold, his cronies are blocking the release of the report at every given turn. Someone should tell him, you only have things to hide when you’re guilty.

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