Mike Pence Tries To Clean Up Trump’s WikiLeaks Fiasco, Gets Obliterated For It

He shouldn't have even tried.

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Donald Trump’s lies continue to blow up in his face and he continuously needs his team to rescue him. The latest one of Trump’s minions to try to get him out of one of his messes is Vice President Mike Pence, who failed big time.

Earlier today, Pence tried to state that Trump’s 2016 declaration that he “loves WikiLeaks” was not the president endorsing the organization – which is absolutely ridiculous. WikiLeaks has recently come under fire again due to founder Julian Assange being arrested on Thursday, and to save his own a** Trump tried to claim that he didn’t know the leak organization – even though he’d mentioned it over 100 times when he was campaigning!

To help save his boss, Pence gave a disastrous interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, and said that although “the president always welcomes information”, Trump’s comments about WikiLeaks hacking Democratic National Committee Documents were “in no way an endorsement.”


As you can expect, the internet’s reaction was harsh and swift:

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572 points