Michelle Obama Tells America How She Really Feels About Trump, Insecure POTUS Pushes Back

This is gonna hurt!

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Donald Trump has spent his presidency trashing pretty much anyone who dares to criticize him, but there’s one person that the president remains unable to attack — former First Lady Michelle Obama. Despite Trump’s horrific treatment of her husband, former President Barack Obama, Trump still doesn’t dare to go after Michelle despite her own public criticism of him — and she’s just done it again in a major way.

Michelle is releasing her new book, Becoming, on Tuesday and she used this book as the perfect opportunity to tell America how she really feels about the man who replaced her husband in the White House. The Associated Press got an advance copy of her book, and revealed that Michelle goes off on Trump, telling America that Trump is trying to send the message, “I can hurt you and get away with it.”

Michelle backs this up by outlining how Trump practically stalked Hillary Clinton on the debate stage like a predator, his disgusting comments about sexually assaulting women on the Access Hollywood tape, and his overall divisive messages. The Associated Press wrote:


Obama denounces Trump for bragging in 2005, on the infamous Access Hollywood tape, about sexually assaulting women. She also accuses him of using body language to ‘stalk’ Hillary Clinton, his 2016 opponent, during an election debate. She writes of Trump following Clinton around the stage, standing nearby and ‘trying to diminish her presence.’

Trump’s message, according to Obama, in words which appear in the book in darkened print: ‘I can hurt you and get away with it.'”

Michelle couldn’t be more correct about all of this — and she’s the only one who can get away with saying these things about Trump and still remain untouched because Trump is terrified of her. This book is really bad news for Trump because much of America still loves and respects Michelle far more than him and his wife Melania. America listens to Michelle, and she’s sure to turn people against him.

On Friday, as if to drive the point home, Trump responded to Michelle’s book criticism of his behavior, telling reporters, “She got paid a lot of money to write a book and they always expect a little controversy.” But he still didn’t attack the former First Lady, instead going after her husband:

I’ll give you a little controversy back, I’ll never forgive (President Barack Obama) for what he did to our US military. It was depleted, and I had to fix it. What he did to our military made this country very unsafe for you and you and you.”

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