Michelle Obama Takes Subtle Jab At Trump Over Royal Birth And It Will Make Him Insane With Jealousy

Let's just say Trump's a little... insecure.

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I don’t know what it is about the British royal family that makes Americans go so crazy — we fought a war against those guys, you know — but I guess time really does heal all wounds, and ever since Charles married Lady Diana Spencer nearly 40 years ago, this nation has been transfixed. Perhaps it was a Disney thing, or maybe that those two had soap opera style fidelity issues, or maybe we just needed a distraction from the Reagan years, but Americans love news about the royal family as much as they love celebrities here at home.

It’s no surprise, then, to see the news of the birth of Harry and Meghan’s first child trending on Twitter and slathered all over Facebook and on stylized late-night cable specials that take great pains to cram the name “Windsor” into them. It seems like everyone knows at least a little about the royal family, especially since the youngest members are so charming and seemingly modern, rather than painting an appearance of being as stuffy as their forebears.

But whether it’s the fact that he considers his family the American version of the Windsors or that he simply doesn’t like anyone being richer or more important than he is, Donald Trump seems to have a hard time coming to terms with the royal family. I mean, we know that he’s an embarrassment and that the royals agree. But either he secretly knows that and resents it or he has no clue, and thus no idea why nobody wants him in England.


In fact, America, through the presidency, has come close to having “royal families” — the Kennedy administration was even nicknamed “Camelot” at one point — but to Trump’s eternal chagrin, they have been less about how wealthy the families are, and more about how poised, well-mannered, and highly-educated they have been.

Like the Obamas.

In fact, so much like them that the two families are terrific friends, often inviting one another to high-profile functions — a benefit of the friendship of which Trump is painfully aware. The royals steadfastly refuse to invite Trump to anything even remotely important, or even to meet their children when they’re born.

So it must absolutely burn him up inside to see his predecessors still acting like they’re the royals he can never be in this country:

Catch that? All first names, like old pals, and a casual mention of the fact that they’ll be visiting soon. Does Michelle know she’s probably going to give Trump an aneurysm? Maybe. But if she does, it will be with style and grace, as usual.

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