Michael Cohen Lets Loose After Damning Prague Report, Digs An Even Bigger Hole For Himself And Trump

This was a bad idea.

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Things have been quite the roller coaster for Donald Trump when it comes to his former longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. Not only has Cohen completely flipped on the president to save his own a*s, but he continues to make things worse.

Earlier today, a new report was released that claimed a signal from Cohen’s cell phone had been captured in the Czech capital during Trump’s 2016 campaign, implying that Cohen may have met with Russian officials privately.

McClatchy reported that Cohen’s signal had been found in late August to early September, and if this is found out to be true, it would only support the very strong hunches that the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia for the 2016 election. Cohen has responded to the claim by trying to defend himself, but he’s managed to make things far worse for him and the president. Cohen responded that he has “never been” to Prague:


I hear #Prague #CzechRepublic is beautiful in the summertime. I wouldn’t know as I have never been. #Mueller knows everything!”

That’s definitely a strange statement for Cohen to make. The McClatchy report states:

If the foreign intelligence intercepts are accurate, the big questions now are whether Cohen has acknowledged to investigators that a meeting in Prague occurred, informed them what transpired and revealed what, if anything, he told Trump about it.”

Cohen later added that he hasn’t even been around the Czech Republic:

This really doesn’t look good for Cohen and Trump. Not only is the evidence against them, but having Cohen try to deny everything only adds further speculation to their tower of fibs. Even as Cohen is exposing Trump and supposedly turning a new leaf as he serves his prison sentence, America must remember that he is not to be trusted.

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