Melania Won’t Attend Ceremony Of Trump’s Greatest Victory, Citing Better Things To Do

This is a major shock coming from the First Lady.

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First Lady Melania Trump was in rare form during her tour of Africa, and that was because a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders — the weight of her overbearing, abusive husband, president Donald Trump. Many remarked that it had been the first time the First Lady was seen smiling in pictures and videos, looking genuinely happy while on her solo trip.

During this trip, Melania was asked by reporters about the confirmation of her husband’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. While the First Lady stated that she was glad his accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford had been heard, Melania ultimately chose the side of Kavanaugh and issued a supportive statement. However, those may have just been obligatory words for the First Lady because her actions are speaking much louder.

The First Lady has just announced that she will not be attending the ceremony of her husband’s greatest “accomplishment” so far — getting another misogynist into the Supreme Court. This is a major moment for Trump, and Melania is stating that she has better things to do, unable to attend due to a “longstanding prior commitment.”


If you’re familiar with Melania’s role as First Lady, you’ll know that she’s not even half the FLOTUS that Michelle Obama was. Melania hasn’t done a damn thing while in the White House, so her spokesperson’s statement about her not being able to attend is bullsh*t. The spokesperson said:

She has a longstanding prior commitment she was unable to change at the last minute.”

This speaks volumes about how Melania feels about Trump right now, and she’s probably just counting the days until her husband gets impeached.

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