Melania Just Flew In Air Force One To Mar-a-Lago After Trump Grounded Pelosi’s Trip

This is unbelievable.

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The hypocrisy and selfish attitude that has overtaken the White House since Donald Trump and his entitled family moved in is so insulting to everything this country stands for. Today, America saw yet another great example of how flawed its terrible POTUS is, when his wife was afforded a luxury that was taken away from an actual working politician.

Earlier today, Trump tried to get back at Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi after she suggested that the president deliver his State of the Union address on paper if he wasn’t going to end his pathetic government shutdown before the scheduled address. He tried to seek revenge by grounding Pelosi’s government plane to Afghanistan, preventing her from doing any traveling — citing the government shutdown himself.

But apparently, the same standards do not apply to the First Lady, as Trump’s wife was allowed to travel freely to get away from the White House and hide in Palm Beach.


On the same day that Trump ruined Pelosi’s travel, Melania Trump traveled to Mar-a-Lago on an Air Force jet. The CilMilAir Twitter account spotted the Air Force plane with the call sign EXEC1F, a signal that means the plane is carrying the First Lady. The account predicted that the First Lady was headed to Florida.

The Trumps and their privileged behavior never ceases to make this country look terrible, and the games Trump is playing with this government shutdown are going to blow up in his face in 2020. No one is going to re-elect this clown, and he keeps burning more bridges with Americans with every passing day. America has learned a lot from Trump and his family — most of which falls into the category of what NOT to do and who we SHOULDN’T vote for again. This incident is just another lesson.

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