Lindsey Graham Tries To Defend Trump From Russia Collusion, Accidentally F*cks Up And Makes POTUS Look Super Guilty

Graham should have kept his mouth shut!

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You know things are bad when even your best friend’s greatest efforts to defend you only seem to make you look more guilty and incompetent!

Donald Trump’s situation with Russia has gotten so desperate that even his best buddies can’t make a decent argument for his innocence. Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham tried to defend his pal and argue that the president couldn’t possibly have colluded with Russia, but accidentally let it slip that “He doesn’t collude with his own government.” Way to go, Graham!

This happened on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, when host Maria Bartiromo asked Graham about how Trump reacted when Attorney General William Barr’s memo about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released. She asked:


What was the president’s mood? Were you guys talking about it?”

Graham said:

Well, he was very pleased that everything he’d been saying for two years proved to be right. If you know President Trump, and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well, there is no way he sat down with the Russians and came up with a plan and followed it.”

That wasn’t the best defense, but not the worst. Then he said:

He doesn’t come up with, you know, he doesn’t collude with his own government. So this whole thing was ridiculous, if you know the president, and it’s proven to be ridiculous.”

Oh boy. Not only did Graham fail to make a sound argument for Trump’s defense (by suggesting he might have colluded with Russia), but he even highlighted the fact that there is absolutely NO communication between Trump and his administration. That couldn’t have been more obvious than when Trump recently pulled back “large scale sanctions” on North Korea, much to the surprise of his entire White House.

It’s not hard to illustrate what a disaster Trump’s presidency is, and Graham did so perfectly without even trying. You can watch Graham throw his BFF under the bus below:

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