LeBron James Throws The Biggest Shade At Melania, Trump Will Have A Fit

Trump is going to FLIP OUT!

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Donald Trump has earned himself the reputation of a white supremacist with his disgustingly racist behavior, comments, and inability to denounce white nationalism. The thing that Trump cannot stand more than anything else is when African American people succeed and surpass him — it’s exactly why he hates his predecessor Barack Obama, and why he couldn’t stop himself from insulting Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James when he opened up the I Promise School for children living in poverty.

It turns out, James is having the last laugh. After opening up his school and providing life-changing education for children, the results are clear: James’ school is working and resulting in thriving students and noteworthy test scores. James ruined Trump’s day when he announced the success of his school on Twitter:


And things only got worse from there. Former First Lady Michelle Obama recognized James and his work to enrich children’s lives and education, celebrating the I Promise School on Twitter.

And as if things couldn’t get worse for Trump, James delivered the final burn by insulting First Lady Melania Trump by acknowledging Michelle as “First Lady” instead!

Trump is going to be furious! To be fair, no one could argue that Michelle was far more of a First Lady than Melania will ever be. Trump probably knows it, too, but he’ll never admit it!

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