Kellyanne Conway Caught Telling Guests At A Party How She Really Feels About Her Husband, Agrees With Trump

Absolutely without shame.

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After the absolute craziness of the weekend from Donald Trump on Twitter, it’s hard to believe he hasn’t had some kind of mental break. His unhinged tweets got so bad at one point that his top advisor Kellyanne Conway’s husband George, who is a frequent critic of the President, ended up responding to some of Trump’s tweets with passages from the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

But perhaps George should save a little criticism for Kellyanne herself, who, according to a Tuesday report in the Washington Post, has been, uh… talking shit behind his back.

From the Post:


Kellyanne Conway went on a lengthy rant about her husband to several guests at a British Embassy party for members of Congress last month, including New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and former Post journalist Sally Quinn, according to two attendees, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe a private conversation.”

What did she tell them? Kellyanne told everyone who would listen that her husband was jealous of her success — and indicated that was an opinion she shared with President Trump. So not only is Kellyanne telling essentially casual acquaintances that she doesn’t respect her husband and thinks he’s a petty child, but she’s also having that conversation with Donald Trump, the oldest, male-est “Mean Girl” ever to live.

Small wonder, then, that Trump’s 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale tweeted basically the same exact thing last night:

Of course, George has plenty of evidence that not only does Trump know him, but that they have spoken at length, with Conway even intervening on Trump’s behalf in a legal case that would have removed Trump’s last name from a building he owns a few years back. George even recalled a conversation with Trump after he turned down the DOJ position that Trump offered him, in which Trump praised him for having had the “foresight” not to work there under Jeff Sessions, who the President once again called “weak.”

It certainly explains a lot about Kellyanne’s ability to remain in her position at the White House. She actually is a lot like the boss: No loyalty, even to her husband.

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