Justice Department Reveals Mueller Report Has Just Been Delivered To Attorney General

Something major is about to happen.

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This story is currently developing and more details are to come out, but it seems as though the investigation into Donald Trump has finally hit the next stage.

According to ABC News, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has delivered his report to attorney general William Barr. You can watch the report below:


The Washington Post also reported that Barr is expected to provide a summary of the findings for lawmakers “in the coming days.”

While it’s uncertain what this may mean for Trump and the future of his administration (as well as the many indictments America is hoping to see come out of all of this), this is major news and signifies that something is going to change very quickly. Stay tuned for updates as this story develops, and keep an eye on Trump’s Twitter because a meltdown is sure to follow!

Featured image via screen capture

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