Jim Acosta Just Arrived In Paris, Got On Twitter And Trolled Trump Beautifully

This is going to make your day.

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The way Donald Trump treats the press is absolutely disgusting, and America is thankful that our media is not backing down despite the president’s repeated attacks, threats to take away First Amendment rights, and the fact that the president has even stripped some reporters of their press credentials.

America saw just how insane the president was when Trump got into a heated exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Wednesday, clearly having a hard time swallowing the results from the midterm election. Acosta had simply asked the president a legitimate question, and it caused Trump to lash out at him (and many other reporters). Furthermore, Trump removed Acosta’s White House press credentials, showing just how cowardly he is.

Trump apparently thought that this would keep him safe from Acosta as he traveled to France over the weekend. Acosta, however, has something else in mind for Trump and intends to do his job no matter what. In a brilliant act of defiance, Acosta has flown to Paris and trolled Trump big time, tweeting from the Eiffel Tower:


Greetings from Paris where we are on the ground for Trump’s trip to France. #1A”

The hashtag #1A is a reference to the first amendment and is a nod to the freedom of the press.

Acosta is clearly trying to tell Trump that he’s going to find a way to gain access and continue to cover him despite the fact that Trump took away his Secret Service-issued press credentials. And he might actually succeed — in Paris, those credentials don’t hold nearly as much weight as they do in the United States, and may even be close to meaningless. One thing is for sure — if Trump sees Acosta in a crowd of reporters, the president is going to lose his mind.

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