Ivanka Puts Our Country At Risk, Tweets Then Deletes National Security Document

That's quite the 'whoopsie,' Ivanka!

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It seems that Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, may have f*cked up in a massive kind of way.

The First Daughter and White House advisor recently tweeted a photo of herself with World Bank President David Malpass. One of those photos featured a document with the title “National Security Strategy.”

Now, that alone doesn’t seem like too big a deal. It’s a photo of a document, right? What made the whole situation reek of a screw up was the fact that Ivanka ended up deleting the photo and reposting it later with the document cropped out — leading everyone to wonder why she was so worried about it.


The original tweet from Sunday featured a full body photo of Ivanka and Malpass with the national security strategy document resting on a small end table in the background.

“Great catching up with my friend @WorldBank President David Malpass and discussing the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi),” the caption of her tweet read alongside the photo.

No one took too much interest in the post until yesterday when journalist Luke O’Neil noticed that Ivanka had deleted the post. O’Neil had captured screenshots of the original photo when it was still up on Twitter and posted them to his own account, including one that zoomed in specifically on the national security document, captioning “Hmm Ivanka posted this then deleted this any reason why?”

O’Neil continued to tweet in regard to the strange photo: “I literally do not know for sure if that is bad but it seems like it? As I said I don’t know if it’s bad or not the fact she deleted it just made me think so. It’s not top secret material or anything just weird that she’s talking about it with the world bank unless it isn’t.”

O’Neil proceeded to Tweet another screenshot of Ivanka’s original photo that was still live on her Instagram account saying, “Anyway not my problem.”

Hours after Ivanka deleted the original post, she reposted the same photo, this time with the national security document cropped out.

Chances are, no one would’ve thought much about it had Ivanka just left the original tweet alone. But the fact that she deleted it and specifically reposted it with the document cropped out smells fishy. There’s a reason she didn’t want that all over social media.

Featured image via DC Tribune gallery

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