Insiders Close To Trump Reveal He Spends “A Lot Of The Day” Trying To Come Up With Nicknames For 2020 Opponents

Donnie is a bit scared these days.

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As it turns out, president Donald Trump doesn’t spend every waking moment on Twitter. Evidently, he spends the rest of his free time — which, let’s face it, is a lot — trying to make up mean names for the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

It’s no secret that the 21 Democratic candidates poised to run against Trump next year are getting under his carrot-colored skin. It makes that pretty evident nearly every time he types a tweet.

While many of Donald’s aide and associates can’t seem to agree on which candidate threatens him the most, most of them are of the same opinion that the election will come down to four states — Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — where Politico reports that one of Trump’s scariest opponents, former Vice President Joe Biden is appearing strong.


“He talks a lot about it,” a source with ties to Trump stated. “With Trump, everything is personal, so for Trump, a lot of the day is spent trying to assess the weaknesses of the other candidates.”

According to the source, Donald isn’t too concerned over Elizabeth Warren who he believes he’s already demolished with his “Pocahontas” slurs or Beto O’Rourke who he regularly brushes off as a “joke.”

“Occasionally he’ll comment on one or another — ‘Crazy Bernie,’ ‘Sleepy Joe,'” the source continued. “Trump believes that if you can encapsulate someone in a phrase or a nickname, you can own them. ‘Low-energy Jeb,’ ‘Little Marco’ — that kind of shit really diminishes people and puts you in control of them, and that’s what Trump is a genius for doing.”

While some people close to the president claim to feel that Donald is more worried about the economy crashing before the 2020 election, and a small handful has claimed they don’t believe he’s too worried about the upcoming race, many others feel that Trump is overly confident, with one source stating, “Trump has a very bad sense of danger.”

Regardless of what his aides and associates on the payroll think, it’s clear that Donald feels beyond threatened when it comes to the 2020 presidential election. Otherwise, his Twitter feed wouldn’t read like a 12-year-old’s diary.

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