Insider Reveals Why Pence Is Always Sucking Up To Trump Behind Closed Doors; This Is Disturbing

We bet he goes through A LOT of Chapstick.

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The Atlantic recently released a report on the White House aides and cabinet members that have thus far managed to hold onto their jobs and it revealed some pretty interesting information pertaining to the relationship Vice President Mike Pence has with Donald Trump — he’s a sycophant in private, too.

Peter Nicholas takes a deep dive into the role that Mike Pence plays beneath Trump — a sniveling little suck up that constantly puckers up to kiss Donald’s ass at every given opportunity in an attempt to avoid the wrath that he’s witnessed on others that have displeased Trump.

Nicholas noted in the report, “In public, Vice President Mike Pence has likened Trump to towering historical figures. ‘From King David’s time to our own, President Trump has now etched his name into the ineffaceable story of Jerusalem,’ Pence said in a speech last year at the Israeli embassy in Washington.”


He also added, “Behind closed doors he is no less gushing, taking pains to ensure that Trump has no cause to turn on him, people familiar with the matter say.”

According to the correspondent, Pence continues to fanboy over POTUS, both in public and private, because he’s terrified that Trump will dump him when he runs for reelection in 2020 — something that certainly wouldn’t be uncharacteristic of the megalomaniac, drama-loving president.

An official in Reagan’s administration, Kenneth Adelman, told Nicholas, “I’d like my wife to look at me just for one day the way Mike Pence looks at President Trump every day they’re together. That would be special.”

Nicholas does note, “Under the Constitution, Trump can’t fire Pence. Yet he could rid himself of the vice president by dropping him from the 2020 ticket. Or he could use his Twitter feed to marginalize and humiliate Pence. That’s been known to happen. But Pence never seems to run afoul of Trump. Some of it may be his hardwiring: He has innate deference to power, people who have worked with him say.”

Evidently, though, Trump is still pretty pleased with Pence so far, with presidential confidant Rudy Giuliani stating, “The president once said to him that making Pence his running mate was ‘probably the best choice I made—and I made a few bad ones’.”

Nicholas was sure to point out that although the president is still satisfied with pandering Pence, many of his aides are less than impressed with his lack of spine and inability to stand up to the president even when he disagrees with him.

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