Humiliating Intimate Details From Trump’s First Marriage Reveal How Corrupt He Really Is

This makes me sick.

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Donald Trump has built his entire life on lies, so it was unfathomable that so many Americans would allow themselves to be duped into supporting him and believing that he’d actually have their best interests in mind. Unfortunately for the undeserving POTUS, more embarrassing details of his past are coming out.

Thanks to the upcoming A&E series, “Biography: The Trump Dynasty” that will release later this month, Trump’s corrupt behavior went way past his business dealings — it was the very framework of his most intimate relationships. It’s now being reported that Trump used a former architect as a cover to hide his mistress Marla Maples from his first wife, Ivana Trump.

The architect, Alan Lapidus, told the story about how he’d acted as Trump’s “beard” to hide the real estate mogul’s affair. The New York Post reported Lapidus’ words:


The only time we had any personal stuff was when he was going out with Marla Maples … he was still married to Ivana and I was, as they say, ‘the beard.'”

Lapidus was responsible for designing the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino — but he was far from the only one to cover up Trump’s bad behavior. Jack O’Donnell, then-president and COO of Trump Plaza Casino, said:

Donald used a lot of us that way. We wound up comping all of her services and stays and food, whatever it might be.”

Lapidus even detailed the arrangement for hiding the president’s actions:

I picked her up and we went out to dinner. I love the fact that when we went into the restaurant, all the women looked at her like they would want to chop her up into little pieces and have all the pieces burned. We went out to the limo, drove a couple blocks, another limo pulled up and she got out and there was Donald in the other car. I went home to my wife.”

Absolutely disgusting. So much for upholding those right-wing family values!

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