House Oversight Committee To Subpoena White House Official Over Kushner Security Clearance

Jared is not going to be happy!

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House Democrats are on a roll. After demanding a vote against Trump’s attempt to tear apart the Affordable Care Act without a replacement lined up, they’re now coming after White House security clearances.

Next week, Democratic members of the House Oversight and Reform Committee plan to vote on issuing a subpoena for the former White House personnel security director as part of their investigation into the process used by the White House to determine security clearance eligibility.

Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) has requested a committee meeting set for Tuesday that will allow members to vote on a resolution to authorize a subpoena for Carl Kline’s testimony “in connection with the Committee’s investigation into the security clearance process at the White House.”


The moment Democrats took control of the Oversight panel back in January, they began their investigation into the White House’s security clearance process. They opened their investigation based on evidence that Donald Trump had ordered top-secret security clearance for Jared Kushner, his senior advisor and husband of his daughter Ivanka.

Kline left the White House in January, supposedly headed for the Pentagon, according to CNN — suspiciously shortly after NBC News had reported that Kline had approved such high-security clearance for Kushner and about a dozen others by blatantly overruling multiple security officials.

Chairman Cummings has pointed out that the White House repeatedly refuses to cooperate with requests for documents and interviews concerning their ongoing investigation. Cummings warned White House counsel Pat Cipollone in a letter last month that the panel would begin issuing subpoenas if they continued to disregard their requests. However, Cipollone continues to claim that the panel is making “unprecedented and extraordinarily intrusive demands” in regards to their requests.

To no one’s surprise, the White House has not responded to a request for comment about the hearing, the investigation, or the impending possibility of subpoenas. But it seems that the House has had enough of the entire Trump administration and they intend to start cleaning house.

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