GOP Tries To Celebrate Tax Day By Promoting Trump’s Tax Cuts, Instantly Regrets Everything

This ruined every Republican's day!

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Today is Tax Day in the United States and the Republican Party actually had the nerve to publicly celebrate this day despite the fact that Donald Trump’s tax reform has literally screwed tons of people. For the GOP, this would end pretty much like every celebration of Trump — in humiliation and disaster.

The GOP sent out a tweet today bragging about the false effectiveness of its tax cuts — and very quickly got reminded by angry taxpayers that they failed miserably. In a tweet, the GOP said its tax cuts “have put money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans so that they can spend it on things that actually matter to them and their families.”

We all know that the Republican Party loves to make things up and rarely relies on real data or facts, but even this was a major reach by conservatives. As soon as this tweet was posted, Americans hopped on Twitter and put GOPers back in their place, sharing tales of how badly they’d been screwed by them when they did their taxes this year. For many Americans, this would be the first time they OWED the government money — and not small amounts, either. For many, this meant thousands of dollars that they were not expecting to have to pay back.

Below are just some of the brutal responses, which I sincerely hope the Republican Party leaders are reading and taking in:

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