GOP In Turmoil After Trump’s Recent Mistakes, Republicans Now Confessing Regrets For Supporting Him

The GOP is really starting to turn on Trump.

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Donald Trump’s presidency has seen a lot of lows, and somehow he continued to be supported by his fellow spineless Republicans and supporters in spite of all his mistakes. But unfortunately for the unworthy, unqualified POTUS, those days of forgiveness and turning a blind eye may just be over.

Earlier today on CNN’s “New Day,” New York Times reporter and CNN contributor Maggie Haberman reported on the inner turmoil inside the Republican Party, and things have never looked worse for Trump and his presidency. After several fiascos such as Trump’s threats of a government shutdown, his Syrian withdrawal, Defense Secretary James Mattis’ resignation, the stock market tanking, and the continued failure of Trump’s racist border wall, there are now very serious doubts about Trump’s survival in the White House.

Haberman stated that this was a “critical moment” in Trump’s presidency, as he may never recover from the waning support from his own party. She said:


A number of conservatives who worked on the campaign and supported the president and now say, you know, I regret doing that, and this was a mistake, this administration is, you know, off the rails, and all of these investigations that are coming to a head will be a huge problem.”

Haberman also reported that these conservatives were now “disgusted” with what has been made public about the Michael Cohen plea deal. She predicted that Trump’s mounting investigations are just “going to intensify as we get into the year” and then brought up the very real chances of impeachment. She said:

It takes 20 Republican senators to vote in favor of impeachment. This could be a critical moment.”

If only Republicans would actually speak up about this, instead of Americans having to hear this secondhand from a reporter. They may be waking up, but the GOP is still full of cowards. You can watch this damning interview below:

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