Giuliani Just Admitted Trump Hasn’t Told The Truth About Campaign Finance Felonies, Can This Get Any Worse For POTUS?

This interview will be the end of Trump.

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Donald Trump is in big trouble right now, and his team certainly isn’t helping him out. Trump has created his own big mess by hiring the most incompetent, unhinged people in his administration, and no one is a greater example of this than his lawyer, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Yesterday, Giuliani accidentally admitted that the president hasn’t told the truth about his campaign-finance violations, creating even more legal woes for the man he’s supposed to be defending. But Giuliani didn’t stop there — he even said that it was okay for Trump to lie his a** off because he wasn’t under oath!

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Giuliani admitted that Trump had changed his story about the hush money payments he’d made to two women multiple times during an investigation. Giuliani then tried to save his boss (and himself) by saying it was because Trump’s memory had failed him. Giuliani also went after Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who had recently exposed the president after pleading guilty and being sentenced to prison for three years for the crimes he committed on behalf of Trump. The unhinged lawyer condemned Cohen for betraying Trump and not having any loyalty. He said:


There’s a real motivation to sing like crazy — you’ve got to do a lot of singing to get out of the three years. And he will say whatever he has to say. He’s changed his story four or five times.”

Stephanopoulos reminded Giuliani that Trump was also a world class liar. He said, “So has the president.” Giuliani tried to blame it all on the president’s memory and excused it without denying that Trump had contradicted himself more times than we can count. He said:

The president’s not under oath. The president is trying to do the best he can to remember what happened.”

Pathetic! And in yet another laughable moment during the interview, Giuliani actually said that Trump, a man who has hours upon hours of undocumented “executive time” and has spent approximately a third of his presidency on the golf course, was “the busiest man in the world.” He said:

I was with him most of that time. I can’t remember a lot of the stuff that goes on there.”

Giuliani is a complete clown, but he’s exactly the kind of lawyer that Trump deserves.

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