Fox News Stuns Viewers After Host Abandons Trump And Takes Democrats’ Side Over Shutdown

Every Trump lover's heart is broken now.

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Fox News has been giving their viewers quite the emotional ride as they are now unsure they can rely on the network to give them the constant Donald Trump praise that they need to help them live with their decision to elect a moron.

More than ever, Fox has been turning on the president by actually reporting facts and pointing out when The Donald is wrong. Yet another devastating example of this happened today, when Fox host Shepard Smith sided with Democrats and blasted Trump during a debate with colleague Chris Wallace as they spoke about who should be blamed for the government shutdown.

When Smith talked about Trump’s previous on-air comments about how he would own the shutdown, Wallace defended the president and said, “Well, I mean, it takes two to tango.” That was a mistake, because Smith fired back and defended the Democratic party:


There’s no tango here. The president said, ‘I’m shutting the government down.’”

Wallace said:

He said he would shut the government down unless they gave him funding for the wall, and they refused to give him funding for the wall. I mean, both sides are party to this.”

However, Smith countered that statement by speaking about the midterm results, stating that no one else could be blamed for the shutdown now:

Everybody wants to play this as a ‘two sides speaking past each other.’ The ones who control the purse strings said no, the president said, ‘come on,’ they said no, and he closed down the government. That’s what happened. And he can reopen it tomorrow, just like he closed it down. It’s all on him, isn’t it?”

Wallace didn’t really have a good response to that, but he tried to save face anyway. However, it was too late to save the egos of the viewers watching — the damage had already been done. You can watch Smith devastate Trump supporters below:

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