Fox News Changed Graphic To Give Trump Fake Approval Rating, Wanted To Make POTUS Happy

C'mon Fox News, really?!

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Early this morning, Donald Trump tweeted a screen capture from Fox News featuring a graphic that supposedly depicted his approval rating at 55 percent. But as it turns out, the Fox News Network production team actually doctored the graphic to make it appear as though the percentage portrayed his approval rating — when the 55 percent was actually Donald’s disapproval rating.

The graphic used by Fox Business last night cited a Georgetown politics poll. While they presented the information in a flattering light for the president, upon further investigation of the poll in question it became apparent that the network actually just lied — doctoring the graphic with a made up approval rating to appease the president.

The only part of the graphic used by the network that had any truth to it was the 58 percent approval rating of Trump’s performance on the economy. Once you really dig into things, the rest of the poll did not lean in Donald’s favor.


Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service’s “Battleground Poll” of the 2020 cycle actually shows:

  • Trump’s disapproval rating has held steady at 55 percent
  •  57 percent of those polled feel that the country is on the wrong track
  • 59 percent of voters are concerned about an economic downturn

The codependent relationship that is taking place between our president and the conservative Fox News Network is totally out of hand. The two entities are constantly pushing the agenda of the other, regardless of the truth. Today’s “mishap” is a perfect example — Fox News creates a completely false narrative and Donald Trump pushes that narrative to gain legitimacy and credibility for both himself and the network.

The two have been in cahoots to pull the wool over the public’s eye for a while now — working together to create a conservative “safe space” that hoodwinks viewers into believing their nonsense, because why wouldn’t they? The president trusts Fox News, Fox News trusts the president — with no one using enough common sense to realize that they’re being played like a fiddle.

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