Fox News Breaks Trump’s Heart In Shocking Segment, Tells Him He Can’t Win In 2020

This is the last thing Trump wants to hear.

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While we all know that Donald Trump is a special kind of delusional, most of us can identify that 2020 is not going to be good news for him. Two years into his presidency, The Donald still hasn’t been able to remedy his terrible approval rating and continues to grow more unpopular over his continued support of white supremacy, his pathetic dedication to a racist border wall that no one wants, and his nonstop insanity. But today the president got a pretty brutal reality check.

Fox News has been the only mainstream news network to continue supporting the president, but to be honest, it’s been happening a lot less often than it used to. Earlier today, the president was reminded that his favorite news station was cutting down on the lies when Fox News host Chris Wallace straight up told everyone that there was very little chance Trump could win the 2020 election.

In speaking with fellow Fox host Shepard Smith, Wallace stated that although Trump’s base would support him feverishly, his base alone wouldn’t be enough for the undeserving POTUS to be re-elected. To deepen the wound, Wallace also pointed out that a dozen Republicans had recently rejected Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border.

When Smith asked Wallace if Trump could just rely on his devoted base for 2020, Wallace provided this truth bomb:

You can’t do it. There’s just not enough votes in the base.”

Wallace also pointed out that Trump’s base accounted for only 35-40% of registered voters, so he would have to get softer or less racist to “expand his base.” Since we all know that Trump isn’t going to do that, we can pretty much guarantee the president will bomb in the 2020 election.

You can watch Wallace ruin Trump’s day below:

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