Former Trump Official Publicly Blasts Trump After POTUS Claims He Does A “Great Job” For The Military

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The amount of times that President Donald Trump has been blasted by his former administration members can’t even be counted and far outnumbers any criticism that has come down upon any of his predecessors. And yet, the trashing from his former officials is only going to continue.

David Lapan served as the spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security under Trump, and couldn’t hold himself back after being disgusted to hear Trump praising himself for doing a “great job” for America’s military.

Lapan, who happens to be a retired Marine, was infuriated by Trump’s tweet, which had claimed he’d “done a great job for… the Military, Vets, Economy and so much more.” Lapan, who left the Trump administration in 2017, responded on Twitter and said:


It’s time to retire the line about the military after your shutdown forced Coast Guardsmen and women to work without pay for 35 days. And now you’re taking billions of [dollars] away from the military for a border wall (that Congress is already funding).”

Thank goodness Trump’s former officials continue to blast the president for his lies. Lapan has blasted the president before for exploiting the military — particularly when he used military service members as “political pawns” when he demanded that they go to the U.S.-Mexico border to protect America from the caravan full of “terrorists.” Someone needs to be calling out Trump’s lies and setting the record straight, and there’s no one better than the people who used to work with the president and know just how untrue his statements are.

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594 points