Former FBI Official Just Called Trump Out For Obstructing Justice In Plain Sight

Does Trump think we're stupid?!

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Donald Trump went absolutely off the rails today as he was unable to control his mental instability thanks to the new Democratic majority in the House of Representatives following yesterday’s midterm elections. Not only did Trump become unhinged during a press conference with reporters earlier today, but he also pressured now-former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign so that he could replace him with far worse acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.

Many people are furious and terrified about what this will mean for the investigation that is currently being done by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, as it looks as though Trump is trying to shut the whole thing down with Sessions’ removal. But what Trump accidentally did with this move was obstruct justice, right in front of everyone.

Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi went on MSNBC to sound off on Trump’s firing of Sessions, noting that he’d replaced Sessions with someone he knows will shut Mueller down. Figliuzzi stated that this was, without a doubt, obstruction of justice. He said:


So Whitaker is going to need a full briefing on everything Rosenstein knows right now about the special counsel investigation. And that’s going to get interesting. Because even though Whitaker has been out publicly saying Mueller has crossed a red line, he’s done so without understanding what Mueller’s got.

And so I suppose there’s still a possibility that if Rosenstein gives him a full briefing, that there might be sufficient connections to all of the finances that Mueller’s looking at and the idea of Russian collusion that Whitaker will have to say, I see the linkage. They are linked to Russia, and I see why we need to move on with this. But let’s go back to what Chuck said. I think we’re watching obstruction of justice play out right in plain sight. I fear there’s a quid pro quo. You do this, I name you acting attorney general. Or I nominate you for attorney general. You take care of the special counsel investigation. And that’s public corruption.”

Let’s hope that now that more Democrats are in the House, Trump doesn’t get away with this. You can watch Figliuzzi explain this below:

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