Donald Trump Spends Easter Weekend Retweeting Masturbation Themed Post

This is a first — and hopefully a last.

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If I asked you to think of the most bizarre, inappropriate, unpresidential thing you could come up with that Donald Trump might do on social media — well, let’s face it, it would be exceedingly difficult, because the man is all of those things all the time, honestly.

But I wasn’t just trying to grab those clicks with that headline — that’s seriously what President Trump elected to spend the weekend leading up to Easter engaged in.

Don’t get me wrong, he spent the weekend at Mar-a-Lago with Rush Limbaugh playing golf and tweeting more nonsense about exoneration every time he went to the can — which, let’s check those fiber levels, chief, this is getting pretty frequent. There was even an 8-hour gap in the middle of a sentence he was tweeting on Friday.


Anyway, let’s put that mental image in a little box and never look at it again.

The point is, Trump was fired up. And whether it was because he was just so angry that people seem to be catching on to the coverup effort by his hand-picked Attorney General with his handling of the Mueller report, or the fact that simply saying a thing over and over (EXONERATED!) isn’t actually working for him like it usually does, he has been in a much fouler mood than a man playing golf in the sun should be in.

Maybe that’s why he retweeted an obvious masturbation reference from one of his many, many unhinged followers:

You see, a “circle jerk” is when — well, I’m gonna leave that between you and Google. But suffice it to say, it’s not family-friendly. And we’re guessing he was just not in a family-friendly state of mind on Friday, because this mid-rant tweet containing the word “bullshit” seems to have been an effort to try out rally language on the general public:

Yeah, don’t do that, Donnie. It was Good Friday, and “bullshit” and “circle jerk” are what’s in your brain?

MSNBC’s David Gura had questions:

The man whose article Trump was commenting on with his retweet had comments of his own:

But really this is what I’m feeling with this whole episode:

I think what I would most like the Easter Bunny to leave me tomorrow morning (or tonight, or whenever that slippery bugger comes, I can never catch a glimpse) is, of course, See’s Rum Nougats™ but also maybe a President who doesn’t spend his Easter weekend being quite so gross.

Featured image is a screen capture

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