Donald Trump Loses His Sh*t After Senator Confirms Don Jr. Is Going To Prison

Of course he's freaking out, he knows he's next!

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There are plenty of valid concerns as to why it would not be sufficient for Robert Mueller’s eventual report to simply be released to Congress and never to the public, or worse, that it could be redacted so heavily as to render it meaningless.

That’s why on Monday morning, a bipartisan bill to make sure that the report does officially become a matter of public record — since it’s widely assumed that large portions of it would leak anyway — was so important to pass. And pass it did, with bipartisan support.

One of the main sponsors of that bill in the Senate is one of Donald Trump’s favorite adversaries, however. Senator Richard Blumenthal has been at odds with Trump since he took office, and has delivered among the fieriest and most impassioned speeches against him in the last two years. Trump hates that. But what he hates more is when people bring up how his son is pretty much headed for prison shortly, which Senator Blumenthal reminded America of on Monday night on the Rachel Maddow program.


Speaking about the reasons why it’s important to underscore the public release of the report by making it an official release, Blumenthal actually cited Don Jr. by name on air, and the fact that the President’s eldest son is known at this point to have perjured himself before Congress when he testified last year — a felony federal offense.

Surprise, surprise! Just moments after the segment aired on MSNBC, Trump was on Twitter tearing Blumenthal apart, calling him names, telling the same lies he’s told about him for months:

You don’t have to wonder too hard what’s got Trump so worked up: He knows after Don Jr, he’s next.

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