Donald Trump Defends Candace Owens In Wake Of Her Pro-Hitler Comments: “I Think She’s A Fine Person”

Trump, your racism is showing.

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Recently, conservative commentator Candace Owens was invited to speak at a hearing on the rise in hate crimes and white nationalism. Rep. Ted Lieu wasn’t happy about this and was quick to let everyone know why — by pulling out his smartphone and playing a short clip of Owens where she can be heard saying some extremely controversial comments on Adolph Hitler.

“You know, he was a National Socialist, but if Hitler just wanted to make Germany and have things run well, okay fine,” Owens stated in the clip.

Of course, her attempts to legitimize Hitler did not bode well for Democrats and Republicans alike. However, it didn’t seem to bother our president much at all.


President Trump was confronted about Ted Lieu’s actions again Candace Owens and quickly jumped to defend the conservative commentator.

“I think that’s a terrible thing that he would do that,” Donald stated in regards to Lieu playing the clip of Owens’ pro-Hitler comments. “I know her. I think she’s a fine person, a fine young woman.”

So evidently, the president of our nation is now openly and publicly defending a Nazi sympathizer. He did not once condemn Owens for her legitimization of Hitler, he merely criticized Ted Lieu for bringing it to light when the woman was literally there to speak on issues of hate crimes and white nationalism — something that Adolph Hitler was literally the poster child for.

It’s a sad day when the leader of our country feels comfortable in blatantly defending white nationalism and jumps to the bat for a woman that thinks Hitler could’ve been a fine leader had he just made a few Trump-esque adjustments.

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