Don Jr. Responds To Mueller’s Report, Will Live To Regret It

Trump Jr. hasn't seen the last of his troubles, and we have a feeling he will soon regret his confidence.

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In the wake of the Mueller report dropping just moments ago, Donald Trump Jr. has already taken to Twitter to quickly attempt to cover his ass and distract the public from the impending news by blaming everything on, you guessed it, the Democrats.

Word is making it’s way around that the DOJ letter stated Robert Mueller was never blocked from any actions he wanted to take during the course of his investigation. Donald Trump Jr. took this opportunity to retweet this sentiment with the caption, “Well that’s going to make it a bit harder for the MSM and Dems to spin but they’ll do it anyway.”

Jr. seems to be borrowing his father’s distraction techniques in the midst of the uproar. What better way to distract everyone from the fact that daddy dearest is about to go down in history as a corrupt colluder than to blame it all on the Democrats?


Trump Jr. seems to be a bit confident in the wake of the report, probably under the assumption that the heat is going to be taken off him. But he shouldn’t be getting too comfortable just yet. Just because Mueller’s investigation has come to a close doesn’t mean that Jr., Ivanka, Jared, or any number of other folks are out of the woods just yet.

It’s important to note that the Mueller probe is only one branch of a much larger criminal investigation. There are still other agencies and committees, including the Southern District of New York, investigations everywhere from the FBI to the NSA and everything in between. Robert Mueller was far from the only entity investigating Trump and his family.

If Jr. had even half a brain in that head of his, he’s have hopped on that plane to Mar-a-Lago with dear ole dad and kept his mouth shut. The shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet.

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