Don Jr. Gets Roasted For Posting Awkward Photo Of Himself In Front Of Buckingham Palace

That was just a dumb move.

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President Donald Trump and his wife Melania are currently living it up in the UK on a state visit. That isn’t really anything to scream about, considering they were invited. However, riding on Daddy’s coattails to receive all of the special treatment and lavish banquets, were Trump’s children — who, in case you hadn’t guessed it, were not invited.

While joining their father to meet Queen Elizabeth II and prime minister Theresa May, Donald Trump Jr. made the mistake of posting a photo of himself posing awkwardly (you know the face we’re talking about) outside of Buckingham Palace.


The presence of the children on the trip alone was enough to raise a boatload of questions — such as what on EARTH they’re doing there and who in the hell paid for it. But after Don Jr. made the questionable decision of showing himself off all dressed up in front of the palace, well let’s just say Twitter could not leave that alone.

Twitter was brutal. But seriously, why are you there and who is paying for this?!

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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