Disgusting Trump Takes Dig At McCain During Latest Rally, Shows No Remorse

A new low, even for our first fungus-based President.

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On Friday, as the rest of America was focusing on the trainwreck of a confirmation process that Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court is going through, a small group of people attended a rally in Missouri held by the President, who holds rallies at every possible convenience in order to sustain his massive ego.

These latest rallies are done under the guise of campaigning on behalf of Republican candidates in advance of the midterm elections, which are now only 45 days away. But in truth, Trump ends up talking about his electoral win, and how much winning he thinks he’s done since then.

This particular one was no different: Introduce a couple of local politicians, congratulate them on how “strong” they are on “the military, the border, and the second amendment” — Trump’s apparent standard for Republican candidacies — then spend an hour congratulating himself on what an awesome job he’s doing.


So how are we to tell this interminable, insufferable appearances apart? The prevailing trend seems to be marking them by what horrible or hilarious thing happened at each one.

For example, we know the Montana rally he just held by the appearance of Plaid Shirt Guy, who went instantly viral for his humorous facial expressions while the President was lying on stage. We remember his Sioux City, Iowa rally before the election because he told the crowd he could “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot people” and not alienate his base.

Unfortunately for Trump, his Missouri rally from Friday night will be remembered as the one where he attacked Senator John McCain, who hasn’t even been in the ground a month after his protracted fight with terminal brain cancer, over his deciding vote in the attempt to repeal Obamacare in its entirety.

We had it defeated, unfortunately we lost a certain vote, but we lost all the Democrat votes when you think.”

No, Mr. President. You didn’t “lose” any Democrats. No Democrats were ever going to vote to repeal Obamacare. Everyone sees the statement for exactly what it is: One last jab at a dead man who Trump could never get along with while he was alive.

Watch the segment here:

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