Die-Hard Trump Supporters Finally Abandoning POTUS, Their Words Will Kill All Hope For 2020

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While Trump used to be able to rile up his gullible supporters to help the GOP win some small victories, this is going to be harder than ever in the future. The Washington Post has just published a piece that signals that thanks to Trump’s partial government shutdown, Trump’s biggest fans are now abandoning him. Written by Matt Viser, the piece outlines several conversations that Viser had with some of Trump’s former biggest fans and they all had one thing in common — the shutdown was changing their mind about Trump.

In one conversation with a 49-year-old Trump supporter, the shutdown was referred to as “silly” and “destructive.” This supporter even said he would not be voting for The Donald in 2020.


Another former Trump voter expressed he was also disappointed by the shutdown. This supporter told Viser:

I was doing fine with him up until this government shutdown. It’s ridiculous. You’re not getting the wall built for $5 billion. And Mexico is not paying for it, we all know that, too. Meanwhile, it’s starting to turn people like me away.”

Yet another supporter said that after seeing how Trump has handled the shutdown, “something miraculous has to happen for me to vote for him again.” Viser summed this phenomenon perfectly, signaling that more and more Trump supporters were waking up:

So often. stories exploring Trump supporters have found that, no matter what, they back him. In a Michigan county he won by 12 points in 2016, I found something different: some are peeling away from him, and growing tired of his shutdown stance.”

It’s about damn time.

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