Desperate Ted Cruz Gets Busted Tricking People Into Giving Him Money As His Opponent Closes In

What a rotten thing to do. Shame on you, Ted.

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Ted Cruz, the junior Senator from Texas who is currently in the political battle for his career, has been pulling out all the stops in his midterm campaign against upstart opponent Beto O’Rourke, a US Congressman from El Paso who has his eye on Cruz’ job. O’Rourke has proven to be immensely popular among younger voters and has even started winning over some of the older demographics as well.

That has Ted very worried. But everything he seems to try in the race backfires on him in a big way.

Earlier this month, after Cruz ran a blatantly false attack ad on social media that deceptively edited together parts of a Town Hall meeting held by Beto that made it seem like he was praising the act of flag-burning, many wondered just how low Senator Cruz would stoop to try and beat his younger, smarter opponent.


It looks like we have our answer: Ted is willing to trick people, especially senior citizens in Texas, into giving money to his campaign with the most deceptive mailers you’ve ever seen.

Bordering on illegal, the envelopes that Cruz is sending campaign donation solicitations in actually say in all capital letters “SUMMONS ENCLOSED.” That’s enough to scare anyone into opening up an envelope they might otherwise throw directly in the trash, for fear that they were ignoring an official government notice requiring them to serve their community or face jail or fines — as is the case with an actual summons.

I, for one, would not look for the “Presorted Std” in the upper right-hand corner that gives it away as a mailer before my brain was fixated on answering a summons. Now apply that to who knows how many octogenarians who got this letter, and you can see that Ted Cruz is preying on people’s fear of being punished in order to gather money for a campaign that it increasingly looks like he is not going to win.

This is just gross, and Texas knows it can do better than Ted Cruz.

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