Defeated Trump Goes On Twitter To Beg The American People To Believe He Didn’t Back Down From Border Wall

I've never seen a president look so pathetic.

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It’s been a pretty rough day for Donald J. Trump. After his pal Roger Stone was arrested early this morning by the FBI, all bets were off as to how things would go for him on this fine Friday. Shut down airports in New York and Miami? Check. New proof of connections between his campaign and Russia? Check. The only way today could have gotten worse for him is if he publicly lost big time on his shutdown thing with the Democ–


Yeah, he backed down big time. What did Trump get today in exchange for reopening the government? Zip. Zilch. Nada. Zero dollars and zero cents for the border wall that he promised his supporters on the campaign trail — literally the only reason that the government has been shut down for 35 days. And in his speech introducing the plan to fund the government for three more weeks while Congress debates border security, he turned the whole affair into the same speech he’s been giving for weeks about fake abductions, bogus numbers, and a nonexistent crisis.


What he didn’t do was win, and that’s all that mattered to his supporters. Watching the reaction on social media to his historic loss to Nancy Pelosi, you’d think he just gave amnesty to every undocumented immigrant of the last 50 years. Ann Coulter called him the biggest “wimp” ever to hold the office of President.

You know that burned him up. Which explains his desperate, pathetic plea to America on Twitter:

You don’t get to set a fire and then take credit for putting it out, and you definitely don’t get to shut the government down over your own petty demands and then claim you’re helping people by allowing it to open again. Begging America to believe him and following it up with a threat to just do it all over again makes Trump sound more like a crazy person than a President.

Must be Friday.

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