City Of Philadelphia Trashes Trump In New Year’s Day Parade, Trump Will Never Want To Visit Again

This is a great start to the new year!

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There is truly nowhere in the country where Donald Trump doesn’t need to watch his back. No matter where he tries to visit, the president is widely protested against and resented. On New Year’s Day, the city of Philadelphia reminded Trump that he is not welcome during its annual Mummers Parade, and the result was spectacular.

The Mummers Parade is a tradition in the city of brotherly love, and this year Trump was a big part of it – but not in the way he would have wanted to be. The Mummers Parade involves organized clubs that wear costumes and play instruments, performing hilarious and bizarre sketches and dances that are sometimes inspired by current events. Needless to say, Trump has given the Mummers a lot of material to work with.

In the parade, the Lobster Club parodied Trump’s presidency to the soundtrack of Madonna’s “Material World.” During the sketch, a mummer acted as Trump and there was an appearance by a shirtless “Vladimir Putin”, who dances with the president. Another dancer holds a VHS tape with the golden letter “P” on it, in reference to Trump’s infamous pee tapes. Trump also makes a deal with Russia, handing over Uncle Sam. At the end of the skit, Uncle Sam is freed by Philadelphia Flyers mascot and Antifa icon Gritty, and Trump is turned over to the FBI – a truly happy ending for all of us.


You can watch the hilarious sketch below:

Philadelphia has never welcomed Trump, and the president was aggressively protested against after his presidency and every time he has come to visit after. But hopefully after this display, Trump will realize he should never step foot in the city again. Judging by the way sensitive Trump can’t go anywhere he isn’t worshipped, he may just be wise enough to stay away.

Featured image via screen capture

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