Cindy McCain Does An Interview On Thanksgiving Eve, Breaks Her Silence On Trump’s Treatment Of Her Husband

Cindy McCain is not holding back.

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Donald Trump has absolutely no class and will attack just about anyone, no matter how accomplished, prominent, or heroic they are. Even in his final days of wrestling with brain cancer, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) was being attacked by the president — and even after his death, Trump refused to honor the Senator as the war hero that he was.

Understandably, Trump’s behavior pissed off a lot of important Republicans — two of them being McCain’s wife Cindy and his daughter Meghan. While Meghan has been outspoken about Trump’s treatment of her father after the Senator’s death, Cindy has been more removed from the media until recently. Now, Cindy is breaking her silence and calling Trump out for his attacks on her husband’s contributions to America.

In an interview with BBC that aired right before Thanksgiving, Cindy spoke about the legacy her husband left behind, sadly reflecting that two of the things the Senator valued most — like bipartisanship and civil debate — were gone in the Trump era. Then, Cindy discussed how Trump was not present at her husband’s funeral, which was an important decision for the family to make:


Even though it was a very public funeral, we are still a family. For all of us, and for the sake of my own children, I didn’t want any disruption…It was important to me that we kept it respectful and calm and not politicized.”

During the interview, McCain was also asked if she would vote for Trump in 2020, and she hinted that Trump probably shouldn’t pursue another run. She said:

I don’t even know if he’s going to run. I can’t answer that right now.”

Cindy also made sure to condemn Trump’s “hurtful” hate speech and railed into him for how he treated her husband toward the end of the Senator’s life. Cindy suggested that she would never forget — or forgive — Trump:

I thought it was inappropriate and wrong, it hurt the family too, and it hurt the men who served with John. I think that was a wrong thing to say. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it, to be honest.”

You can watch the video below:

No one could blame McCain’s family for holding this against Trump. The way Trump behaved toward McCain was disgraceful and truly exposed the president as someone who had no class.

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